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Kimbriki's Services

Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre operates a wide range of waste disposal and recycling services.

Waste and Recycling Services

Landfill Facility
Landfill Kimbriki operates a landfill facility for the disposal of inert, mixed waste (non putrescible). Prior to landfilling, waste is checked by staff for reusable and recyclable items. Hazardous items are not accepted… LEARN MORE
Metals Collection
Metals Metal, including whitegoods, is placed in skip bins at Kimbriki and collected by Sell and Parker for recycling. Approximately 250 tonnes of material per month is collected, recycled and diverted from landfill… LEARN MORE
E-waste (Electronic Waste) Collection
Ewaste E-waste, or electronic waste, refers to disused items which once used electricity to operate, and includes televisions, computers, printers, scanners, DVD/VCR players, modems and gaming machines… LEARN MORE
Household Recyclables Collection
Household recycling The Household Recycling Area at Kimbriki is well used by local residents, local businesses and residents of neighbouring Councils. Approximately 200 tonnes of material per month are received in this area… LEARN MORE
Vegetation and Wood Waste Recycling
Vegetation Australian Native Landscapes (ANL) operates the vegetation and wood waste recycling area at Kimbriki. The operation receives approximately 65,000 tonnes of vegetation and wood waste per annum… LEARN MORE
Construction and Demolition Materials Recycling
Construction Materials Concrete Recyclers operates a construction and demolition recycling area at Kimbriki. The site receives approximately 60,000 tonnes of material per year including waste concrete, asphalt, brick and roof tiles … LEARN MORE

Buy Recycled Services

As part of Kimbriki’s aim to divert as much waste as possible from landfill, the majority of waste brought to the site is separated, sorted and processed onsite to provide a range ofrecycled products at very competitive prices. These Buy Recycled services include:

Recycled Roadbase, Aggregates and Sands
Concrete Recyclers at Kimbriki collects waste concrete, brick and roof tiles from demolished buildings and recycles it on site to produce a range of recycled roadbases, aggregates and sands ideal for a wide… LEARN MORE
Recycled Garden Products – Mulches and Compost
Australian Native Landscapes (ANL) recycles vegetation and wood waste brought to Kimbriki from the local area into quality mulches and soils for your garden. Customers may bring their own sacks or boxes… LEARN MORE
Second-hand Furniture and Building Materials, including Timber
Quality building materials, furniture and second-hand timber are salvaged from landfill by Kimbriki staff. Materials are separated, sorted and available for purchase at competitive prices at the Re-Use Shop… LEARN MORE

Eco House and Garden

Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre also features the recently renovated Eco Garden and a brand new Eco House, built using materials recovered from landfill waste(up to 90%). The Eco House and Garden provides a unique location for Kimbriki’s wide range of sustainability education programs.