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  • Kimbriki Pricing - what changed on 1 July?

    Kimbriki provides an essential service to the local residents of the Northern Beaches and Mosman Council areas. Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre operates in a highly regulated industry which involves high costs to ensure compliance with all environmental, legal, WHS and workplace requirements.

    The cost of operating a safe and environmentally-sound landfill has increased considerably over the last 10 years. The NSW Environmental Protection Authority (NSW EPA) requires licenced waste facility operators to pay a waste levy. Effective 1 July 2018, this levy increased to $141.20 per tonne. For every tonne of waste disposed to landfill, Kimbriki pays this levy to the NSW EPA. 

    The cost of landfilling in this regulated industry has increased considerably over the last 10 years. With new and innovative technologies and practices, Kimbriki is successfully diverting waste from landfill and recycling over 80% of all waste delivered to the site. This is a benefit to the local community as we are recovering valuable resources for re-use (such as metal, timber, cardboard) and in turn, we are lengthening the life of the Kimbriki landfill. That means, Kimbriki is able to continue providing the essential waste and recycling services to the local community. 

    What changed on 1 July and why

    Mixed Waste (for landfill) - Local residents of the Northern Beaches and Mosman Council areas will continue to pay the minimum charge of $30 for up to 100kgs of mixed waste - this rate did not increase on 1 July. Non-residents will pay a $45 minimum charge. 

    Vegetation - On behalf of the Northern Beaches Council and Mosman Municipal Council, Kimbriki continues to offer local residents an occasional, and subsidised, vegetation drop-off. This is a service that residents can use in addition to their green vegetation bins at home. Residents with proof of residency can bring in up to 300kgs (in cars, utes, family vans or trailers). If the load is over 300kgs, the resident must pay for the full amount not just the portion over. We understand that residents don’t weigh their vegetation when loading so some leeway will be given for loads close to this weight. Vehicles are entitled to one vegetation drop-off on any given day. Multiple trips are not permitted.

    Refrigerators, Freezers and Air conditioners must be de-gassed before disposal, and proof of de-gassing must be provided. De-gassing is a requirement by our metal recycler and is recommended for safety reasons – for both the safety of customers and the Kimbriki staff handling these items. Items that have not been de-gassed can now be accepted and will be de-gassed at Kimbriki. The cost to dispose of these items is $25 per unit. Customers that provide proof that their units have been professionally de-gassed prior to entering the site can still dispose of their units free of charge as metal. 

    Recycling - We encourage our customers to segregate their loads where possible, so that any recyclable materials such as metal, vegetation, raw timber, can be recycled and not landfilled. 
    We remind customers that the following items can be disposed free of charge at Kimbriki: 
    Computers & Televisions
    Cardboard and Paper
    Motor oil (up to 20 litres per transaction)
    Car Batteries
    Clothing for charity
    Children’s toys

    Bottles, Cans and Containers for recycling (the contents of a household yellow bin)
    Australia has been impacted by China’s policy changes with respect to accepting bottles and containers for recycling. As a result of this, Kimbriki can no longer accept bottles and containers free of charge. A small charge of $3.00 for up to 20kgs was introduced on 1 July 2018, to cover the additional handling and processing costs. We strongly encourage residents to use their household yellow recycling bins and to participate in the “Return & Earn” Container Deposit Scheme as alternatives. To locate the nearest Return & Earn point, visit

    Motor Oil – up to 20 litres per customer per day can be disposed of at Kimbriki. Customers must leave their oil in the container at the drop-off point. Screw-top containers are preferable.

    Car Batteries – Kimbriki is pleased to inform residents and customers that on 1 July, the charge for car batteries was removed. 

    The Buy Back Centre is open 5 days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Items in this shop are salvaged from Kimbriki’s mixed waste transfer station. Due to the levy and Kimbriki’s licence conditions, items cannot be donated to the Buy Back Centre directly. Potential re-use and re-sale items must come in as mixed waste and Kimbriki staff will salvage items that may be appropriate for the shop. 

    Heavy Waste items - We remind residents and customers that they should bring another person with them if unloading heavy waste items. Kimbriki staff are not able to assist with loading and unloading items – this includes loading items bought from the Buy Back Centre or products such as gravel or mulch purchased on site. 

    Asbestos waste requires special handling and disposal at EPA-licenced sites and must be segregated from other waste. The health risks and record keeping associated with receiving and handling asbestos are significant. Sites licenced to accept asbestos conduct regular air monitoring and employee health checks; ensure their employees wear suitable personal protective equipment and maintain an asbestos register. Kimbriki’s website offers advice and instruction on how asbestos must be double-wrapped before disposal at Kimbriki. 

    VENM loads are subject to inspection by a Kimbriki attendant before acceptance for disposal at Kimbriki, and must be accompanied by the NSW EPA VENM Certificate. This VENM Certificate is available on the Kimbriki website or a copy can be requested at the Kimbriki entry weighbridge. 

    We want your feedback 
    Recently we introduced a customer service rating survey at our exit weighbridges. We value our customers’ feedback and Kimbriki is continually working on improving our operations and efficiencies on-site. 

    If you have any questions regarding Kimbriki’s services and pricing, please contact the Kimbriki Administration Office on 9486 3512. 
    The office is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.00pm.
    Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre is open 7 days per week, 7am to 5.00pm. 

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