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Accepted and Prohibited Materials

Find out what materials are and
are not accepted at Kimbriki.

Fees and Charges

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Opening Hours 7am - 5pm

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Welcome to Kimbriki

At Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre (formerly Kimbriki Tip), we are proud to divert almost 75% of the waste we receive. Please: Rethink your rubbish and recycling. Reduce the amount of waste you generate. Re-use as much as you can and Recycle materials where possible.

Watch the Kimbriki video – in November 2014, Kimbriki asked John Meredith to direct and create a new movie to show how Kimbriki does it all! John engaged Spencer Frost and his amazing drone to bring views of the site that can't normally be seen. ENJOY


Kimbriki is committed to excellence in quality, environmental and occupational health & safety management’

Interactive Site Guide

Welcome to Kimbriki

Get familiar with our operations by visting our Interactive Site Guide. This feature will help you quickly identify what you can bring to Kimbriki and where it can be deposited on site.

Kimbriki Resource Recovery Project - Approvals Granted

The State Government and the four councils of Mosman, Manly, Warringah and Pittwater (the SHOROC councils) have all approved the planned Kimbriki Resource Recovery Project proceeding to open tender! This will change the way resources are recovered from our region's waste by providing a local solution.

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Latest News

  • Merging councils and Kimbriki
    Kimbriki Environmental Enterprises Pty Ltd (KEE), has been operating the Kimbriki site since 2009 with Warringah, Manly, Mosman and Pittwater Councils, as shareholders. The business is directed by an independent non-executive Board of Directors appointed by the SHOROC Councils and an experienced management team … Read More
  • Concrete and asphalt charges up
    Crusher Pricing
    Increased volumes plus the lack of demand in the surrounding areas has resulted in higher transport and marketing costs for crusher material … Read More
  • Changes to site operations during April
    New Weighbridges
    Recent changes to State Government Legislation requires Kimbriki to weigh all vehicles entering and leaving our site.

    Kimbriki is constructing two new weighbridges to allow for the weighing of all vehicles and to improve vehicle entry and exit from the site … Read More
  • There will be a charge for metal
    Metal Pricing
    The scrap metal industry is experiencing a dramatic reduction in the price of ferrous and non-ferrous metals due to significant global impacts. As a result it will be necessary for Kimbriki to levy a charge for the disposal of scrap steel and other metal. The new charges have been set significantly lower than the mixed waste charge to continue to provide an incentive for customers to sort waste … Read More

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